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If you have additional questions or would like more information on a particular answer provided below please contact the Rural District at 970.667.5310.

    1. When was the Rural District established?
      The Loveland Rural Fire Protection District was formed in 1950.
    2. How many firefighters and first responders does the Rural District have?
      The Rural District does not have any employees – all firefighters and first responders are volunteers. The Rural District has approximately 17 volunteers serving the Big Thompson Canyon area through the Big Thompson Canyon Volunteer Fire Department.
    3. What geographical area does the Rural District serve?
      The Rural District surrounds the City of Loveland and covers approximately 194 square miles consisting of rural foothill and mountain properties and residences, farm properties as well as urban commercial and residential properties. The boundaries of the Rural District are generally Larimer County Road 32 to the north, Drake area to the west, Southeast 48th Street to the south, and Larimer/Weld County line to the east. Go to
    4. What stations, equipment and apparatus does the Rural District own?
      All equipment and apparatus used by the Big Thompson Canyon Fire Department is owned by the Rural District. In 2005, Station 8 was constructed by the Rural District to provide an operational base for the Canyon Fire Department. The Rural District also maintains two separate unmanned fire stations in the Cedar Park and Cedar Cove areas of the Big Thompson Canyon. Those two stations house Rural District apparatus.
    5. What services does the Rural District provide?
      First Responder
      Emergency Medical Services
      Structure Fire
      Wildland Fire
      Water Rescue
      Animal Rescue
      Vehicle Extrication
      Confined Space Rescue
      Community Safety
      Fire Protection Education
      Hazardous Materials Cleanup
    6. How many annual emergency calls does the Rural District handle?
      In 2011, the Rural District handled 1,268 emergency calls.